I can only use Paypal with Clickfunnel and Shopify. Is Funnelish suitable?

I can’t seem to get shopify to link with my Clickfunnel setup. It’s not finding the SKU when I try to enter it.
Is that because I just set up dummy products in CF and then use Paypal + funnelish for payments?
If there’s no way to get shopify to integrate with CF and Paypal - then Funnelish suddenly loses a lot of appeal… I’ll just go back to using PayPal buttons in CF

Hope someone can help

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Hmm I honestly don’t understand what you mean :slight_smile: Whatever you can do using PayPal buttons in CF, you can do it using Funnelish! faster and cleaner!

For Shopify connection to CF I personally don’t use it, we currently using a beta feature in house to track orders but for shopify I never synced both CF and Shopify.

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There is something wrong with CF’s integration with Shopify. I’ve had the same problem. The integration will only integrate the first 50 products on your shopify store. any product after that will not be found under the SKU when you try to add products on CF. The workaround is to rename your product to be within the 50 product threshold.

CF’s shopify integration isn’t the best because of this, and they still have yet to address it even though i’ve sent in tickets multiple times a few weeks ago.

the problem you are facing has nothing to do with Funnelish interfering. hope this helps

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Hmm interesting.
I can’t even get 1 product to sync though…
On the positive side - CF support said that there will be an option soon to just use Paypal as the sole payment gateway for funnels. It’s in beta now and will be released ‘soon’.