I cannot add paypal

I have added header code.

I have create a product in Clickfunnel

I have create same product in funnelish

Copied funnelish 3rd part code

Create a 3rd part product from setting and put the code copied from funnelish product.

But still I cannot see credit card options, can someone please help ?



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Hi @Diyanshu_Srivastava,

The problem is really simple, you are using the wrong step URL, you see in the browser when visiting your order form the URL is this: “https://home.pod-park.com/order-form” but in funnelish mostly you are using a different url.

Make sure to always have your step URL show the same exact way it’s shown on your browser.

Let me know if that fixed the issue or not, I’ll be happy to check your funnel again,