I do not understand the provided tutorials. Can someone please explain in detail how to integrate Funnelish Pay into my website?

I am using clickfunnels and all I want to do is add the creditcard/paypal option to my website.
Going in and cofiguring dozens of settings is way too complicated for me to complete this simple task.

I have searched this forum and all over youtube. Every single tutorial says to insert a header code and thats it. Ive been working basic html for over 15 years and that makes absolutely no sense to me.
What part of the step allows me to choose where on the website I want to place the code?
Maybe I want my payment at the top of the page. Maybe I want it at the bottom. But the tutorials provided had neglected to explain where this thing goes. Do I have to activate the clickfunnels paypal and your code will update it? I apologize for the frustration but i have been sitting here for 4 hours combing through the tutorials to no avail. I need help asap. Please explain here so others can learn also.

I only need the payment on one page. simple

Funnelish Pay and PayPal Plugin apps both are meant to add the payment options into the credit card zone wherever it is on your page,

What you need to do is add a “Credit Card” element to your order form page (whether it’s two-step or one step), and Funnelish will render the appropriate payment options into that zone.

Hope that makes sense,