I want to only use the Paypal app from funnlish to accept payments, Is that possible?

I do not have access to all of the payment platforms that clickfunnels integrates with except paypal because im in the UAE (E.g. stripe and Braintree)

Is there a way to configure click funnels so that it only accepts payments from the paypal plugin?

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Yes that’s very common and easy to do, simply login to your funnelish account and under /Apps find the Paypal App.

Click settings, and then Turn Off the Credit Card gateway. That shall give you a 100% Paypal checkout.

:wink: Enjoy


Thank you so much Yassine! I got it to only show paypal.

The problem is that not all the products ive added are showing

Ive followed the tutorial properly however only one product shows when there should be two?

Ok just add the products on your funnel’s order form, our apps can process payments for products, but cannot display them on the funnel step unless CF itself does that.

So just pick a random gateway (under products) and Add your products either using stripe,Infusionsoft…etc and then they’ll be appearing on your step…

Thats some solid advice.

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quick with these helpful tips. Youve just got yourself a customer for life.

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Does this App still send you to the pay pal page to purchase? that’s my question.

Obviously YEAH! :o
Why wouldn’t it, that’s the whole point from having and offering Paypal, your customers won’t have to pull out their CCs instead CLICK. CLICK. CLICK :smiley: and done!

By the time a customer X pulls his/her CC from their pocket, customer Y using Paypal might have gone through your entire funnel by just clicking and clicking :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope it makes sense, but as always we are 10000% open to suggestions feedback and Ideas and in fact we can reward you back for giving an idea or something that ends up becoming helpful for the whole community :slight_smile: