If customer will check out with Paypal why do they need to enter address details to proceed?

One of the reasons you use paypal is to speed up the process and not enter your details…this negates that benefit.

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Though the point with Funnels (as opposed to other channels Shopify, woocommerce…etc) is to get your “potential” customers details even before they buy, in average only 1 out of 4 address optins will buy, it’s such a waste to let all those leads. Especially that you are paying to get them through.

And more information you got on your potential customers the better, that way you’ll be able to reach them on many touch points (SMS, Gift cards, email…etc).

Sending a customer straight to checkout without making them commit to give you their address first will just increase drop offs on PayPal. And you losing data as well.

But anyways we are eager to hear new ideas so let us know your thoughts and we will run some tests on our sides if conversions are that good will make it open to public and you get credited for it :grin: :hugs: