IMPORTANT -- Orderlytics Integration NOT WORKING!


I was wondering if the integration between orderlytics and funnelish is still performing. I just had a purchase through funnelish paypalv2 plug in (worked successfully) but I checked in orderlytics and have no orders in queue. The API key from orderlytics to Funnelish is correct. What do you think could be the problem?

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It’s working as far as we know, but can you provide more details? you have any logs, or is it simply the purchase didn’t appear?

Can you also try PayPal v1? and do you have any logs at Orderlytics that might help?

@yassine The purchase did not appear at all in my order queue on orderlytics. If i go to my orders on funnelish the order is there. I only have the order that was made on funnelish there’s nothing that is logged on orderlytics. Please help it’s urgent

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Hmm, that’s a very strange issue, Have you contacted Orderlytics support? what did they say?

Also, we had cases where orders are not synced because one of the required fields wasn’t there (e.g. shipping address, city…etc), the only way to really find out which field or what exactly is wrong is by contacting Orderlytics support and then let us know of the outcome…

@samlee This integration is also not working for me. Was there any update here? I just set up the automation for the first time and gave it a test and no order came through to orderlytics. But the connection seems fine since in the automations tab in funnelish it was able to locate the products.