Important Update: Facebook Conversion API + Geo & A/B Split-Testing 🎉

We’ve just released two new major updates that require your attention :tada:

Facebook Conversion API For Clickfunnels & Funnelish Plus

Funnelish Facebook Pixel app now fully supports Facebook Conversion API tracking as well as Pixel tracking for 100% accurate events tracking.

The app can track all essential events in real-time (feel free to recommend any missing events)

Learn more on how to use Facebook Conversion API


Geo Targeting and A/B Split Testing

Funnelish Plus has gotten two new crucial features:

Geo Targeting

You can easily select which page variants your customers see based on their location, allowing you to split test pages based on your customers geo-location (eg. show a different language/copy based on your customers location).

A/B Split-testing

You can add up to 100 random split-tests per step.

Funnelish uses server side split-testing, thus there is no time consuming redirects. No matter how many split tests you have, your pages will always load at under 0.3s.

Do let us know your feedback on these new features!


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