Integration Funnelish with Shopify

I just integrated Funnelish with Shopify but I don’t know at what time orders will be synchronized. I have some in Funnelish but I don’t know how to export them to Shopify. In the other hand, CF did not reflect purchases in statistics or synchronize orders in Shopify.

In Shopify applications, it says that Funnelish has rejected the connection. I already made it several times.

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Hi Laura,

That’s interesting, do you have any screenshots of that issue

Having that screenshot or knowing where it’s given might help…

Also orders are synced almost instantly with Shopify, Though for CF orders as soon as they get tracked by Funnelish they’ll be synced out to Shopify.

Hey there! Is AppTrends functionality coming to Funnelish soon? Trying to figure out if Funnelish can replace it.

AppTrends can:

  • Sync orders from CF to Shopify
  • Create bundles – multiple products under 1 CF product, then it gets separated by AppTrends during the sync and gets sent to Shopify
  • Create multiple quantities of a product under 1 “product”, then change the quantity accordingly on Shopify

Thank you :slight_smile: