Intelligent Facebook Pixel Wrong Currency Reported

Hello everyone,

I sell products in EUR and my setup works good with PayPal on this side. The problem is that the currency reported with the Facebook pixel is always USD (for exemple reporting 997 USD instead of 997 EUR). This makes false ROAS calculation and makes it more difficult to track my Adsets performance because my whole business operates in EUR (Facebook Account, Products, …).

Is it possible to change the currency reported with the intelligent Facebook pixel?

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Interesting :thinking: Because the Facebook Pixel app does pull the currency from your Funnelish account, so it’s EUR in both your Funnel and account settings (in Funnelish)?

Thanks @yassine for your answer. I just checked my settings again.
I only find where to set the currency for PayPal. I have it account wide set to EUR and in the PayPal settings for each funnel.

For Facebook settings there is only one input field to put the pixels id.

I just noticed that when I click on a funnel and go to the orders page, the reported orders are all in USD (showing $197.00 instead of 197 EUR). Although, on PayPal’s side the correct price in EUR was charged.

Is there another option to set that I’m missing?

Can anyone please help me with this?