Is Funnelish down?

Hi @samlee ! The app suddenly stops working for my funnels. Can it be fixed quickly please? Thanks!

Everything looks fine and nothing was changed. The paypal payment just stopped appearing in my funnel.

Hi @yassine, tagging you too as this is urgent. Thank you!

hello @Strife can you send me the page link?

Funnelish seems to be working fine atm, but perhaps you need to check that you didn’t change something?

Hi @samlee ! Thanks for getting back. It is not working at my side. Nothing was changed at all. How can I give you my page link privately?

@samlee, I can show you one of my pages at

@yassine, @samlee, can someone follow up on this issue. It is a major issue for us as none of our funnels is able to accept payments since yesterday. There were no changes made.

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@Strife It seems to be fixed, I think there was a temporary problem when using a single gateway (in your case PayPal alone) we are still investigating what could’ve caused this issue and will work on preventing it from happening again, Do let me know if you got any other questions or concerns,

All the best :slight_smile:

Thank you! That’s great to hear!

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