Is there a beginner tutorial for how integrate all aspects of adding PayPal to my ClickFunnel

I am a total newbie: I am able to get the code into CF, but on the Funnelish side and PaypalI am not sure I am doing things right.

Hi Beth and Welcome to Funnelish!

We’d recommend using Funnelish Pay as it requires very little configuration in ClickFunnels other than copying the Funnelish Tracking Code (you don’t even need to have products created in Funnelish for this to work)

Funnelish Pay offers you Paypal as a payment option, and if you decide using Stripe or Cash on Delivery any time, it’s a click away.

You can check out our guide here:

For any other guides on using Funnelish, check our help section:

If you encounter any issues using Funnelish or have any questions, feel free to post here or reach out to our support team, at [email protected]

This does not answer how to integrate a (Funnelish Pay) Funnelish funnel with a ClickFunnels funnel. The guide that is mentioned only walks through setting up the four possible payment methods on Funnelish Pay.

I’ve created a Funnelish funnel and configured it to use Funnelish Pay with two gateways, Stripe and PayPal. The two payment methods are not showing up on my ClickFunnels funnel, so something is not “connected” correctly.

I (and possibly Beth too) need step-by-step instructions on connecting the two funnels.

“other than copying the Funnelish Tracking Code” is not enough information…

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Thanks a lot for your feedback @Liz, really appreciate it.

I will pass this on to our team to look into improving the documentation further,

As for the time being, our team will be more than happy to help you (& @bethc45 as well), Just send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll assign you an account manager to help you over Skype or Zoom to set up your funnels properly.

Hope that helps, do let us know how it goes,