Is there a way to use paypal as the only payment method?

I would like to remove the credit card integration from my site in a two steps order… Is this possible with the plugin?

Or is it possible to make paypal the default payment method?

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That’s pretty easy,

  1. Under Apps:

  2. Then Paypal Plugin > Settings:

  3. Turn Off the switch for Credit Card:

  4. Finally, save your changes.

that’s really it.

Awesome, thanks Samilee!

Now I just need to get back my access to the funnelish app.

Is it possible to inhabilitate the CC option just in some funnels?

That’s currently not possible at the moment, but it should be some time later during this month :slight_smile:

To make sure that feature gets passed during the update I’ve moved the topic to the Feature requests category.

It’s about time to have that @yassine, along the default gateway option requested few weeks ago!

Great, thanks! Great, thanks!