Is there any way to track Credit Card purchases with Funnelish?

Hey guys, I currently offer Stripe as well as Paypal as payment options

But since we cannot have the FB pixel installed on ClickFunnels, is it possible to track Credit Card payments with Stripe thru Funnelish?

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Hi @tma,

But what’s the point from tracking them in Funnelish just for Facebook Pixel?

Our Facebook Pixel app, tracks both Stripe and PayPal sales, as for tracking Clickfunnels sales in Funnelish unless there is a good reason we should do it, then I don’t think we should for the time being, But I’d love to hear your opinion and see what ideas you have :slight_smile:

Hey Yassine,

Yup, only to track conversions so I know which ad set it came from on Facebook.

But perhaps I have my Funnelish set up wrong then? Because it is not tracking CC payments thru stripe right now.
Currently it recognizes that the customer has input their info, but not the actual payment. For example, it will say 0 purchases for that customer while I see thru Stripe that they have made a purchase of X amount.

Ideally all I want to accomplish in this case is to have the Stripe CC payments tracked on Funnelish and to have the FB Pixel fire for the purchase so I know which ad set it came from.


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Can you PM me the page at which that happens, and the OTO that comes straight after it, perhaps I can find something :slight_smile:

Hey Yassine,

Sorry, super newbie question. But where is the PM button?

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I went ahead and PM’ed you reply to my PM :slight_smile:

To send a PM to anyone in the community just click the username and then Message: