Is this the credentials to use for the paypal gateway?

Is this the credentials to use for the paypal gateway?

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Yup! that should work.

Though you can also have sandbox accounts for testing first without having to go through changing price and all that mumbo jumbo. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Login to PayPal (your account).

  2. Go to the developer center, or simply this link:

  3. PayPal does create two sandbox accounts for you by default, but if not you can create them yourself.
    In order to use sandbox (PayPal uses same concept as Stripe) you need two sandbox accounts.

  • Business/Merchant Account: The sandbox account that will receive the payment.
    For this PayPal is going to give you same credentials as you attached above (ie. Username, Password, Signature), use them to create a new gateway in Funnelish.

  • Personal Account: The sandbox (dummy) buyer that’s going to be making the payments. PayPal is going to give you a dummy email to use, and you can set a password for it too.
    You’ll be given a non-ending balance of 9999.00 USD to test with (and no you can’t take that anywhere else :confused: but let me know if you find a way to take that free money).

  1. Now to test you can use your sandbox credentials to make purchases as many time as you want :slight_smile: and once it works… you can easily switch to live gateway from within Funnel > Settings > Apps > PayPal App v2.
    It can also be useful, if PayPal for some reason limits one account and you want fast switching…without affecting your sales.

Hope that helps

Yes I already did test in sandbox.

2 problems though:

  1. sometimes the order page doesn’t redirect to paypal but simply says that payment failed in that red error message. But its only sometimes. Any idea what that is?

  2. I am not redirected back to the oto I setup in funnelish. Instead I see this:
    I setup the return url in my account - but maybe that doesn’t apply in the sandbox environment? How to go about that?