June 18th, 2018: Customers Management Area + Major UI Changes

June 18th, 2018

Hi Guys,

This post is one in a series of posts about our updates, this category will behave as our own updates/changes log to the whole platform.

So today we launched an update to our platform that includes two major parts:

  1. A customers management area (beta):
    Now you’ll be able to manage your customers much easier… with some useful statistics…
    It has basic functionality as of this update. But can expect more major features in the upcoming weeks such as customers data exporting or tagging.

  1. Improvements to our UI
    It’s always our goal to make the UI much more accessible to all users… with different use cases. Now we can say it’s at least a bit better than before.

Finally, Like with most major updates, make sure to hit CTRL+F5 to clear your cache.

Let us know if there were any bugs, or issues encountered.

Funnelish™ Team

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This looks good but it would be better if the team first fixes open bugs like the variants not being sent back to Clickfunnels from OTO pages meaning we get no info about the color or size a customer picked for a product (this was fixed for a while and then it broke again which is unbelievable)


Fixing the NON STRIPE Payment Gateways like NMI that keep showing up errors for a missing credit card number field when selecting paypal and actually wanting to pay with it but NOT BEING ABLE TO DO SO.

This issue is open for weeks and is loosing us money. Not everybody uses Stripe and people should NOT be using it especially if they are doing dropshipping.

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