Klaviyo Abandoned Cart

Anyone know the correct trigger in funnelish to get my abandoned cart to work? It sends all purchasers to a list but I want it to send only purchase attempts

Does it work like shopify? Where if they enter their email they are captured if they leave the page? Thanks

Use a conditional to branch of purchasers to non purchasers



This is it right now

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You have to add a Wait action before the condition, to wait 5-30mins before checking if they bought, since the actions “Optin” and “Purchase attempt” are triggered instantly before “Purchase” by the time you check the condition the purchase has not been processed yet.

Ok, is it auto optin like with the pop ups? Or not?

I see the customers who haven’t bought come into my list but for some reason Klaviyo isn’t sending

i was checking my list in klaviyo and the auto-optin that comes into klaviyo doesnt have the “accepts marketing” flag set, so u will never be able to email them through klaviyo.

Funnelish should auto set this property metadata when sending to klaviyo, otherwise we cant use it to send.

this is what the metadata coming from funnelish auto-optin into klaviyo looks like

you wont be able to send, bc as far as klaviyo is concerned they dont accept marketing.

vs what it looks like when they are forced to check the accept sms and marketing. this should be defaulted to checked.

@yassine can this metadata be changed to acceptsmarketing: true when adding to list?

vs a customer who ordered and was forced to click the accep sms msg.

this should default to yes not no and force customer to think about it. this makes autoption no usable in klaviyo