Let Customer Upload An Image On Order Form

Hi there! I just wanna ask on how to let the customer upload an image + importing the file to shopify for personalized jewelry.

I saw someone on Fiverr.com doing it but he charges more than $200 for a simple code and don’t know if he is trustworthy.

Could anyone help, please?

Thanks so much :wink:



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Step 1:

I think the easiest method would be to use a 3rd party cloud hosting (similar to dropbox…etc) that would allow you to offer the upload option on any page, and just add the link in your page… it probably can be done through Google Cloud, AWS S3 as well or with some Wordpress plugins (the options can be endless).

Step 2:

Once the user has uploaded the picture, just send the picture URL (from your cloud hosting) into Shopify as extra data (in notes, or attributes).

This part can be fully automated using our Shopify integration through Funnelish.

Hope that helps!

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thanks yassine! will hire someone that can do this :wink: