Link to the Thank You Page not working

Hi guys,

I am using Paypal V1

I have an issue with the Thank You Page’s link generated inside my email that customers are receiving after paying with Paypal. As you know, the link on ClickFunnels is #PRODUCT_THANK_YOU_PAGE#

However, the link is like that (I replaced real numbers in the URL below by “numbers”:

I also replaced the good URL of the ThankYouPage by “GOOD LINK”. I mean if my customer just hit the GOOD LINK on his browser, he would be able to access to the Thank You page (just going into his browser, copying and pasting the part of the link which is good so the second part of the URL).

I don’t know if I am clear enough. I checked into ORDER FORM > Products > “Edit” for the Product sold > Fullfilment email and I check the Thank You page link and it’s nicely set to #PRODUCT_THANK_YOU_PAGE#

Do you have any idea?

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Any idea anyone? @samlee

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Hey @PlaneteManeki,

That link is your actual step inside Clickfunnels, only you have access to that sort of link only once logged into your CF account…

Your actual TYP URL should be or

I believe you pasted the wrong URL in your confirmation email, can you double check it :slight_smile:

let us know how it goes :wink:

Hey @yassine

Thank you. The TYP is targeting the good URL as #PRODUCT_THANK_YOU_PAGE# so the customer can be send to the current TYP. But I cant’ put the link directly like I need to let the #PRODUCT_THANK_YOU_PAGE# code from ClickFunnels as a link. As you know, what this link does is that it’s generating a custom URL for the TYP with random numbers into the TYP URL.

CF support team told me that maybe Funnelish was adding some kind of error during this process and nothing they can do on there side. Do you have any idea?

Many thanks.

@yassine @samlee Hi guys, I would be more than happy if you could help me. Did someone report any issue about Paypal plugin V1 regarding error on the Thank You Page?

Clickfunnels support team can’t help me…

Thank you!

Hi @PlaneteManeki,

Can you contact us at: [email protected] and refer to this thread, and provide your Skype ID or Facebook Url and the support agent will forward your details to a tech agent to help you one-on-one, as the problem you are mentioning is literally inside your CF account and we have no access to it…