Looking for 1 click upsell with PayPal

Hello everyone, I started using clickfunnels recently and I would like to know if there is a way to do 1 click upsells with PayPal. I stumbled upon your forum but couldn’t quite figure out if its possible or if so how?

Thank you in advance

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The one click upsell offered by Funnelish PayPal apps, is not a true one click upsell, we are working on supporting Reference Transactions, but it should take some time till then…

Our Upsells method tho, works pretty fine and has a decent conversion rate as well. Just your customers will have to approve every order on a secure PayPal page everytime without having to relogin of course…

In case you want pure one click upsells, you’ll have to apply for Reference Transactions feature and PayPal will review your application manually and then they’ll decide if to allow it on your account or not.

Hey Samantha,

I have Reference Transactions activated on my PP account, does that mean I can use the “true” one-click upsell?