Loox Review Integrations not working

Hi guys,

So I followed this guide exactly trying to add Loox review on my Funnelish Landing page:

Here is my Custom JS (body):

<script async src="//loox.io/widget/loox.js?shop=bodisculpt-6952.myshopify.com"></script>

Here is what I put in the HTML section:

 <div id="looxReviews" data-product-id="8170088628500"></div> 

The Product ID is correct.

However, the widget still does not show on the live page.

I tried to input the star rating snippet in the HTML and IT SHOWS on the live page. So it’s not the problem with the Custom JS (body) part.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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Double check that you are doing one of these at least:

  1. Either, your domain or subdomain is whitelisted inside your Loox account.

  2. Or, That you are using a subdomain of the same domain you have connected to your Loox account (eg. must use something.yourdomain.com when yourdomain.com is used for loox).

Either way make sure loox has whitelisted your domain or at least use proper sub/domain and it should be shown.