Lost customer info

When the customer purchases with PayPal we had a lot of the orders come through with missing information. They do not include a shipping address and such so we have to contact over 100 customers for their shipping information or forced to refund. I believe the issue is coming from the Funnelish integration with CF. Has anyone else had this issue? What is going on? It only started happening yesterday!!


Hello @inventrio,

Doesn’t Funnelish track your orders? even if CF lost the details I believe Funnelish should be tracking them very fine.

I highly recommend that you contact us through: [email protected] and provide us with further details and we’ll get one agent to work with you one-on-one to get any problem you might be facing resolved :slight_smile:

Contacted customer support and haven’t heard back yet. I turned off Funnelish and have yet to have any issues collecting user data to Clickfunnels. The bug is somewhere in the integration - I do not see the customer data anywhere after checkout. This also happens for customers with Stripe payments not just PayPal.


Hmm makes no sense @inventrio, also what did our support say? as I checked our tickets none open ticket is related to this or from you I guess…

We can certainly help get that fixed, and we have agents that can work with you one-on-one to get any issues tackled on a timely manner…

seeing all these issues, im starting to think I should not have bought this app. I cant find my header code, all the videos I look up are different from what Im able to find in my version of what im doing. What is the hold up with support @samlee How do I find my code snippet?

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Hello Guys @Sagepollo, We’ve redesigned how our platform looks and the code snippet can be found under each funnel now :slight_smile: