Made my payment but no access to Funnelish app

I made my payments a day and half ago,and I only received a receipt mail,no account create mail.
I’ve been sending emails to support but it’s just bot replying.
This is really frustrating.
If anyone could help me, :smiley:

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Sh*t Really?! :fearful:

Sorry about that we are moving our support platform these days so it’s a bit slow getting through all tickets, and we are yet to get used to it as well.

I’ll check the tickets and make sure to respond to it myself, feel free to let us know if have further questions on this platform especially technical ones :slight_smile:

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Hi,Yassine.I saw your mail reply .I find only one notification mail after the receipt mail,but the content is sharing a “gym funnel”,not a register mail.

Could you send me the register mail again?

Hi Yassine,

I found one notification mail but the content is "thank you,your sales funnel clonning link is below.Please Use this link to clone your funnel: Gym Sales Funnel ".

and this is the only notification mail I could find.Did the bot send me the wrong mail?

That’s strange, “gym funnel” we don’t have any gym funnels! :fearful::scream:

Just email [email protected] and perhaps forward your receipt it will help finding your account faster…