MailGun and SMTP Integration not sending emails

Hi, I’ve set up an automation to send an order confirmation in my funnel. The other automations in the funnel are working; however, with both MailGun and with SMTP authentication, the emails are not being delivered. Does anyone have knowledge about this who could help me out? Thanks, Chris

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Hi @Ethos_Numerology ,

  1. Check your Mailgun account under activity see if the emails get sent in the first place, maybe there is a validation error or the domain is not connected properly.

  2. In Funnelish, funnel automations set your automation to be triggered on “Optin” (if you do collect optins), that way you can test it without having to make a purchase.

  3. In Funnelish as well, I would test sending a notification to myself (you can find it under Sending Options category when adding a new action) when an optin/purchase takes place to make sure that the automation is being triggered in the first place, that way you can be sure which part of the automation is not working or if the automation is being triggered in the first place.

Give that a try and let me know your findings that would help me guide you more towards a solution.

Hi, @Samlee, Thanks for the info.
I checked and nothing is being sent to or through MailGun.
So, I set up a solo-automation to only send me an email upon opt in and I get no email.
Then I set up a solo-automation to only send me an email upon purchase confirmation and I get no email after a test purchase is made.
So, it seems my funnel automation is not sending email notifications to me upon purchase and is also not triggering the MailGun emails to send.
I would appreciate your help.

Hi again @Samlee
I also checked with MailGun and my domain appears to be verified as set-up completely and correctly…see attached…

Hi again @Samlee,
These are the SMTP and the MailGun integration settings I’m using…see attached…

Okay, so here’s what I’m finding after experimenting while I wait.

  1. A new opt in funnel sends just emails fine

  2. My funnel has a landing page; checkout page, upsell page, order confirmation page.

    • When I select send the email upon order confirmation only, it sends nothing
    • When I select send email at all steps, it sends three identical emails.

How can I send each customer one email after they complete their order and the order confirmation page is shown?

Thank you

That’s exactly the problem, You see the filter we have inside each trigger applies to the actions the customer takes.

In your case you are telling Funnelish to only trigger the automation for orders that take place in the Thank You Page! (which is never triggered as it never happens).

In your case, I would just add a sufficient delay action before sending the email (30mins or more). That way Funnelish will wait that time before sending the email, which by then your customer should’ve gone through the funnel already.

Hope that helps @Ethos_Numerology