MISSING PURCHASE error after connecting funnelish to clickfunnels

Hi guys, anyone here can help me why I got a missing purchase error after connecting funnelish to clickfunnels. I’ve tried disconnecting funnelish and it works fine. Tried disconnecting and reconnecting but I have the same issue after connecting funnelish to clickfunnels. Need help!


Same issue here, really critical issue … and no support from Funnelish …

yes same here this is horrible we have lost so many transactions …
and now we need to disable funnelish and no one is here for support

this is really really bad i will leave this app as soon as i find another solution


Hey guys, I just joined Funnelish two days ago and i’m already dealing with this. Not sure if this app is legit! Does this happen often?

Same issue here…

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Hi Guys,

There was an update earlier today from CF that affected our integration on some funnels, we have rolled out an update to fix the issue now :slight_smile:

If you are still facing the issue or any other issues, please do post it in our Facebook Group or email our support (at [email protected]) and do provide your Order Form URL our team will assist to get any issues resolved :slight_smile:

Best, and sorry for the inconvenience!

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You have to do absolutely nothing at all, the update was simply needed since CF made a silent update that broke some funnels, many weren’t affected at all, but it has been tackled :slight_smile:

If you face other issues just post it on our group or send us an email and we’ll be taking care of it.

The first OTO went through just fine but the same issue on the OTO 2. Plus i’m getting this weird code.

Also, how do I fix having to go back and forth with paypal and clickfunnels every OTO?

One more question:
How do I fix the thank you page?

That issue is not related to this topic, What it means is when PayPal suspects that you are testing “too much” they will show a captcha or that weird code.
All you have to do is go back to the page and try again. Generally, that text won’t be shown under normal conditions :slight_smile:

What do you mean?

Hi, I am getting the missing purchase error on my funnel today. Can you please fix it asap. Just let me know what you need from me. This is a critical situation

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We are on it @Anthony_Begert, already aware of your case and should get a reply today.

It’s fixed. Thank you