Missing Shipping Info On Paypal Orders


I am experiencing a big issue with the paypal integration done with funnelish: 30%-50% of the orders doesn’t have any shipping info !!

There are no evident pattern that i can identify to understand why some orders have the shipping info and why some don’t, but this is really really bad

Can you guys please help ?

Please note we are using the Paypal v1 integration

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I am having the exact same issue.

There are A LOT of orders that are missing shipping information.

What’s going on, Funnelish??? Help!!

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It looks like this is happening with people who optin to ClickFunnels with one email address and pay with PayPal using another.

In ClickFunnels the address(es) are blank, and the email is what they used to optin.
In Funnelish the address is not blank, but the email is the one they used to pay with PayPal.
And in PayPal, the email is their PayPal email, but the custom section has the optin email.

It is possible to manually match the orders (by timestamp and first/last name) to get the shipping address from Funnelish, but the email addresses don’t match.

Funnelish, was there a recent update on your or ClickFunnels end that may have started to cause this?

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Thank you for the details @dstack we believe it could be a glitch on CF or a recent update from their side, so far we tried to replicate the same problem on our end with our accounts but we couldn’t, for some reason our orders are being tracked correctly even when using a different email to purchase…

By the way @dstack, can you email us at [email protected] and provide some sample customer emails that didn’t get tracked correctly in CF maybe we can find something that helps identify the problem in our logs.


Hello @mati @Josh_Koerpel,

Can you please email us at [email protected] and send us emails of 3 recent customers that failed to get tracked in CF that will help identify the problem, as we suspect maybe CF is running some update that makes them fail and that update didn’t get to our accounts yet or to other users’

hi guys

i have sent by email

please get back to me asap, this is really critical !


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I have the same issue. I already talked with the support and yesterday i got the message, that a workaround should be live in the next 48hours.

But i have another issue too regarding that. The firstname and lastname are most of the time saved in the “firstname” field in funnelish. Which make the integration with OrderLytics impossible. Not sure how the splitting of the name works, because CF 2-Step does only have “Fullname”.

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Email supporting info sent!

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I’ve used Orderlytics before and have found AppTrends to be much easier to use and setup for bringing orders into Shopify. It works with Funnelish without issue too which is great. I’ve set it up for clients half a dozen times by now and have never had any issues with orders not going through or mismatch of data.

Check it out here:

You may want to consider using that instead of Orderlytics (it’s cheaper too!).

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Actually @viraldrop we noticed that on your account and reached out to you about it, generally Funnelish will split the full name into first and last, first segment being first name and the rest being the last name, not sure what could be happening there, perhaps you have a single First name box that behaves like Full name? as we do use two step order forms as well and it seems to work really well.

@dstack @viraldrop @mati Thank you for your emails guys it really helped us a lot, It was probably a temporary bug or change within CF, as we also noticed that we couldn’t create 3rd party membership access products since yesterday we are not sure if that affects all CF accounts or not,

As for the missing addresses issue, we’ve enforced how we sync addresses with CF and if it fails at some instance make more attempts to sync it using multiple methods…

We are keeping an eye on it for the time being to see if it works properly or needs further investigation :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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@dstack, are you using multi-quantity in AppTrends by chance? I’m trying to get PayPal working with my AppTrends script for multi-quantity. Help! :slight_smile: