Multiple Add To Carts Shopify Checkout + Clickfunnels

Hi there!

I recently had the idea of using Clickfunnels only for Add To Carts and then redirecting to Shopify. So here comes my question: When clicking add to cart the customer gets redirected to the Shopify checkout page… is it possible to let them go through a funnel instead adding multiple items to their cart (Upsell Pages) and only in the end gets redirected to the Shopify checkout page with all the products they selected?

This would be so amazing if this would be possible somehow. Thank you for your response!

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Hello @Maxis1996

Yes that is very possible, but it defeats the purpose of using a sales funnel! you mainly use a sales funnel to have full control over your post purchase experience ie. adding upsells and down-sells to increase your AOV (Average Order Value) and thus improving your profitability.

Taking the front end sales through a custom funnel then processing them through the traditional Shopify checkout page won’t do much for your sales (if that’s the case why not use Shopify’s own pages!).

Most of Shopify’s drop-offs/cart abandonment takes place at the checkout or cart page.