Need help in making variations according to quantity

Hello everyone…
I have product with different colors… is it possible like create a variation according to quantity for example… I have 5 colors and if someone select 2 pcs he should be able to select 2 different colors instead of only 1.
please provide any suggestions if this is not possible…

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It can be done either using minimal custom code or through Fancify app + some minor customization it all depends on your funnel.

However I wouldn’t recommend it, the main reason to use a funnel instead of a store is to limit the options given to your potential customers in order to increase conversions and reduce complexity, adding all those options back into a funnel defeats the whole purpose of using a funnel, why not just use Shopify, Woocommerce or similar?!

thanks @samlee, I will try to limit my options that’s the better way. I tried to use shopify but have only 5 colors option and only 1 product.
thanks for your advice :blush:

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