Need HELP! the Paypal OTO not working for the NEW Interface


I did some testing this morning to see if the new update broke my funnel… Well It did…

My OTO with Paypal used to work. Now with this new update, it stopped working:

It’s working for the order page. After I finished paying on Paypal on the order page, it redirected to the OTO page, which is good. Then if I click YES! BUY IT on the OTO page, it only direct me to the paypal HOME page, not the purchase page with the price??

Keep in mind I already completed my paypal purchase on the order page, so I should be logged into my paypal and ready to pay again…

Does anyone have the same problem?


I have the same problem with Paypal V1,
And Paypal V2 was working for my funnel yesterday, but today every time I select the gateway in a funnel when I reload the app page the field is empty…


Thank you guys @dts13548 @pkressig for reporting that problem, we will be investigating it and update this thread as needed.


That issue is fixed already.

Hmm, that’s generally a cache problem as far as we know, and it doesn’t affect your funnel or gateway selection for some reason it’s not reflected on the PayPal app v2 settings… will update this thread with more details asap…

Please feel free to let us know of any other issues, bugs or problems that you might encounter.

I can confirm it is fixed now. Thanks !

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