[New App] Smart Currency Converter

Smart Currency Converter is a new app that will allow you to target global customers without having to worry about your currency localization.

Smart Currency Converter will automatically detect your customers’ currency based on their location, and/or their shipping and billing address, and it will automatically convert your product prices to the appropriate currency using real-time conversion rates.

The app supports over 100 currencies and does not require any setup overhead.

Your customers are also allowed to select a different currency if they wish to.

PS. Even though Smart Currency Converter changes the currency your customers see, it will not affect the currency that your payment option (Credit Card, PayPal…etc) charges them.

In order to enable this app simply go to global /Apps, and turn on “Smart Currency Converter”, And then turn it on under each Funnel > Apps you want to use it at.

Add multiple currencies to your ClickFunnels’ order page!