New element: Before/After slider & Product image preview

New Before/After slider
We have rolled out the highly requested Before/After slider element. It has been added to the Quick add menu under the MEDIA section.

Use this functionality to let your customers compare two images side-by-side in an interactive configuration.

Before After Slider Demo Opt

Currently selected product preview
The Image and Image slider elements now support a preview of a selected product.

Selected Product Preview Demo Opt

If you want to use this feature, don’t forget to turn it ON in the Image or Image slider Basic settings.

Selected Product Preview Slider Opt

Fixed bugs and improvements

  • Occasional SEPA payment bug.
    Fixed a bug in which some SEPA payments would fail when trying to purchase a subscription + one-time product.
  • Minor UI fixes all over.
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Thanks for all this. Yeah really helpful the before and after element