New Element: Native Videos and improved custom coding experience

Here is a new update for you,

Now you can upload videos into your funnelish funnels natively without needing any external services.

Notice Youtube and Vimeo videos are still supported through the new element “Embed video”, while native videos are supported through the “Video” element.

Things you can do with the new Video element

  • Videos uploaded into Funnelish will have minimal impact on your pages load speed, thanks to our premium streaming CDN and lazy loading.

  • You can set custom Focal Point for your video and thumbnail easily.

  • You can set your videos to autoplay with no annoying branding or distractions.

  • You can customize your videos play button design and behaviour.

We’d like to encourage you to use this new element instead of GIFs, for to its better quality, features and minimal loading speed impact.

Other updates

  • Improved custom coding experience

  • Many minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

Your feedback helps us improve. Feel free to reach out to our support with any feedback/feature requests.

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