New Global Analytics: More Metrics and More Insights


Today we are introducing our new Global Analytics dashboard, that provides more insights into all of your funnels performance.

Enhanced metrics for deeper insights

Our new dashboard analytics includes more metrics, it’s more accurate and designed to offer a seamless view of your buyers’ behaviour.

The new analytics also provides a Live View to keep track of your active sessions, purchases and active conversion rate.
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We have added new analytics dashboards to keep track of your:

  • UTM tags performance You can breakdown your UTM tags into any combination to get a better granular data, eg. breaking down performance data into UTM Campaign x UTM Source.
  • Payment methods performance Allows you to see detailed performance breakdown of each individual payment method and gateway, it also keeps track of each individual gateway’s** Acquisition Rate**, an important metric in understanding how healthy is your payment gateway processing.
  • Funnels performance Allows you to compare all of your funnels performance in a single view.
  • Profitability report, Soon you will be able to keep track of your expenses within our platform such as COGS, Ad spend…etc on auto-pilot, giving you a clear of your profitability by the minute.
  • And many more dashboards to keep track of your Revenue, AOV, Conversion Rate, Sales…etc.

Now you can choose to see your live mode data or test mode data separately without mixing both, giving you a better understanding of your funnels performance:

Other new updates:

  • Major bug fixes to how we handle different Timezones in our platform, making the data you see more accurate within the timezone you see it in.
  • Increased the number of Google Fonts available within our page builder from 100 to top 300 most popular fonts.
  • And many more fixes and small improvements all over the platform.

Let us know your feedback or feature requests, we are always happy to hear those.