Newbie question: How to get back from paypal?

I am sure this is pretty obvious, but I just can’t find the answer…

I just integrated PayPal to a 2 steps order form and the test payment worked fine.

Now, I need to make the users get back to the 2nd step in my funnel. How can I do that?

The only resource I could find on the matter was this thread: 1 Click Upsell Hack For Paypal Plugin On Clickfunnels, but I can’t find the asnwer to my question.

Thanks a lot for any help or direction! :smiley:

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The answer you’ve linked is really optional, Paypal will redirect your customers to the next OTO no matter what, just the hack on that link will allow it to auto redirect fast, without your customers having to click twice.

As for your case, the problem is most likely you haven’t added any OTO steps, Thank you steps to your funnel on the funnelish side yet! or have you?

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Ok, I havn’t indeed added OTOs. I mean, I have OTOs in clickfunnels but not in funnelish.

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