No Form Fields On Split Test

I’ve never run into this before so I don’t know if it is a funnelish problem or a clickfunnels problem.

I created a new split test in CF and when I tested the variation the credit card fields do not show on the page (see image). If you refresh the page, the fields show for a second and then go away.


I am using paypal v1 and yes… I gave the variation a unique url and added that exact url in the optional variation field in the funnelish settings.

Here’s the link to the CF step:
Here’s the link to the actual split test variation:

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Hello @akvidpro,

Actually that’s a very common situation whenever you have hidden sections or rows that contain hidden Credit Card Forms.

It’s highly recommended that you remove ALL hidden sections and rows that you don’t need for a couple of reasons:

  1. PayPal apps do not support more than a single Credit Card form per page.

  2. Your page will load slower when you have hidden sections/rows, especially those containing images, videos or credit card forms…

I checked one of your pages and it has this row hidden: row-766510000-122 remove it and let me know how it goes :wink: do the same for all your order forms.

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Thank you…that fixed it. Appreciate the quick and accurate diagnosis!

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