No Seller Protection When Using Paypal V1?

Why isn’t there seller protection when doing sales through paypal v1?

Isn’t there a workaround around that even if it has to be done manually with a VA?

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that’s one of the reasons we made V2! generally speaking seller protection is only needed in ecommerce (ie. ship-able products).

We might look into having some fulfillment functionality that will allow you to update tracking numbers on the fly as well as notify your customers… but it’s still in the planing phase :slight_smile:

@samlee Why is that. We do prefer to use V1 because it sends back sales into CF and then we can send emails to customers, trigger different actions put them in different lists etc.

Also it is easier for us to manage orders in one place.

Is there any workaround (even manual that we could use a VA for) in order to make those sales eligible for Seller Protection and allow us to upload tracking codes for etc?

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Will add this into our todo list to investigate further, hopefully we can find some workarounds, we don’t mind making V1 work, but it’s already hard (and not 100% stable) to push addresses to CF. So I don’t know if any Seller protection implementation would be perfect, but will leave that to the team hopefully can come up with something.