None of my Customers CC can go thru only paypal

Ok so my funnel just went live but about 7 hrs prior I had accidentally Archived my entire funnel! I tested it in test mode and it went thru however my customers let me know that they are not able to purchase with there CC’s I try’d it and received this error I have attached here. What do I need to do to fix this? Also I am unable to view my order form from click funnels and unable to edit ANY of my products prices, I just get a page no longer exist. I had a paypal order go thru but thats all please help im still being told its not working and i’ve hit a wall!

no money

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Hi @Humblecommerce,

I think there is the option to unarchive your funnel in Clickfunnels or can you try asking Clickfunnels support to unarchive it for you?

As for that error, need more context: what Funnelish Apps are you using? and can you provide a URL to that order form?

So I was able to unarchive it and currently waiting for CF to email me back. I am using FANCY and PAYPAL PLUGIN. I think its fixed but not 100% positive any tips would be highly appreciated