Not showing correct confirmation page

When customers paid with paypal, and came back to my confirmation page, it would show up as xx. I read that this is an issue and we need to create another confirmation page. I added another confirmation page in click funnels that doesnt have the order total that is right below the main confirmation page. I deleted the old link in funnelish and i added the link to the new page, but it is still showing the old page. Any advice? also, i am using version 1 of the paypal app (not sure if that makes a difference

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hmmm that’s very strange, Funnelish cannot show a page that it doesn’t have, Are you sure you supplied the right URL to Funnelish? Maybe you are still using the old URL in Funnelish…

Make sure to double check your TYP URL in Funnelish side, other than that there is nothing that prevents it from directing to the new Thank You Page.

I figured it out - my browser wasnt refreshing. Thanks

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