Order Confirmation & Thank You Pages w PayPal

In my funnel, I’ve got the Strip order confirmation page, and automation emails to send confirmation of purchase to buyer.

I notice that my OTO (through paypal) did not appear on the confirmation/thank you page.

How do we set this up so the buyer gets a confirmation page when they buy through paypal??


Unfortunately @mwoeppel Clickfunnels, does NOT support Paypal purchases & somehow doesn’t make them appear in neither STATS nor in the confrmation page.


  • Thankfully with funnelish you won’t be too reliant on any existing funnel flow you might have, instead create a new ordinary thank you page, and then add that to funnelish instead of the confirmation one, when your users buy using Credit Card they’ll be shown the obvious order confirmation page, and if they purchase through Paypal they’ll be shown your Paypal thank you page (from funnelish).

It’s also advisable to follow that exact technique because it allows you to add more personalized details to the Paypal purchase (like asking them to check their payer email for instructions)…etc

Hope that helps!

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so, make a new order confirmation page in clickfunnels, then add this page in funnelish. correct?

i did this, and it worked. however, it doesn’t show the right products.

No as said above, CF doesn’t show Paypal + (jvzoo, Clickbank) and other platforms sales on the order confirmation…

What I meant was to create a new thank you page and add it to funnelish, thus anyone who buys using Paypal will be greeted with a customized message from you :slight_smile:

Add a specific message you want…
But Order confirmation Items are not reliable when using Paypal along CF.

hope that helps!

It helps me understand, but there is no order confirmation to the buyer? whaaat? No email, no page to summarize their order?

No, that’s not really what I said :slight_smile:

You can show the order confirmation page (or aka TYP) to the user, but you CANNOT rely on the order confirmation element from CF (the element that shows to the customers what they bought), CF somehow missed that up quite a bit, and it’s not reliable for non-CC purchases.

For emails, you can send emails from your 3rd Party Access after setting up your Paypal products tracking in there.

Summarizing their order can’t be done in a dynamic manner, since as said the order confirmation isn’t reliable for paypal, thus you’ll have to use a static page.

thanks Yassine. I think I can work something out with paypal, but that requires me to set the product in paypal, and connecting the item from the plug in. are we carrying over the item description/SKU from CF?

No that’s NOT correct, All you need is watch the video under /Apps > Paypal Plugin > How it works? and see how you can add your funnelish products into your CF account under 3rd party access.

yannis, I could fix this with zapier if the funnelish app brought the address info over to paypal.

Actually that’s kind of bad…

Because once we provide paypap with a customer address. PayPal will suggest and allow the customer to change their shipping address… and that’s kind of bad since we won’t be able to update the one in clickfunnels thus, we won’t really know wgich shipping address to rely on. the PayPal one or the CF one!!

That’s why we’ve disabled that feature… we had it before but it was proven to bring more harm than use :blush:

Hope that helps,

I see the problem.

so what to do? I want to automate the fulfillment process. if we could get the info to shopify somehow…

add to your list of app ideas!

Yes certainly that’s a feature we need to work on :slight_smile:

you can use apptrends for shopify. i automates everything and i guess paypal orders as well !