Order confirmation & Upsells not showing after user orders w/ Paypal

Hi friends. I’m brand new to clickfunnels & I just added paypal to my order page, worked great except it didn’t bring me back to my order confirmtion page. I noticed in another thread that I need to create a new order confirmation within Funnelish & it will direct the customers there instead of back to clickfunnels. That’s fine, except what happens if I wanted to do an upsell after they reached the checkout page? Is there a way to do that in Funnelish, or at least bring them back to clickfunnels so they can go through the rest of my funnel or is that not possible?


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Hi @siagoudj,

IT’s not like that at all, your customers will get redirected back to your steps, whether they r optin pages, thank you pages or OTOs…

All you got to do is add ALL your funnel steps to your Funnelish funnel (inside Funnelish), that’s it.

Each step might have products inside of it… just add them and Funnelish will take care of the rest, don’t forget to sort your steps as needed, you can drag/drop them to put them on the right order you want…

Hey Brother, so I don’t get this confused.

Add the landing page, order page, upsell, upsell, order confirmation. Correct?

Or just order -> upsell -> upsell - order confirmation

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Another question. If my funnel has product variants, do I need to add those to funnelish as well as separate products or will Funnelish take care of that?

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Both will work, but lately Funnelish also tracks your users data on other pages, so more data you allow it to gather the better accuracy it will have especially if you want to use other apps you got already like Facebook Pixel, Proofy…etc…etc

For variants I don’t know what you mean, are you using our custom code? I think it will work either way