Order form doesnt go to Paypal Page - #do-nothing at the end of the URL

So my funnlish app doesn’t seem to work. I’ve integrated it perfectly and it seems to work on the page. When I select the product and click order, after selecting Paypal, it doesn’t take me to the PayPal payment page the way it should. Instead, it places a #do-nothing at the end of the link.

I’m not too sure what the problem is. Please help.

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So, that can be caused by so couple different things unless you share the link to your order form with me, I’ll just make some assumptions here.

  1. The most usual case, is that you forgot to add any/some products to funnelish app under your funnel step! have you added those products there?
  2. The product(s) have missing/malformed properties, such as: Price, Payment Plan or Name.

Other than that I haven’t personally encountered any case where that happens!

Let me know how it goes, will be glad to help!

Ive added the funnel steps and the products, doubkle checked.

And no properties are mis informed.

I emailed support the order form link, hopefully that helps?

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You only forgot to add the email box within your order form :slight_smile:
All you need is simply add that box (I believe it’s required by CF itself), and in case you don’t want it visible simply set it as hidden…and voila :slight_smile:

Its worked!! You guys have the best support team I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Thank you!1