Order Form Error: "Error with card: exp. Please check your data and try again"

Hi there,

I get this error once I click on the purchase now button.

Error with card: exp. Please check your data and try again.

After following all steps, the app is not functioning as displayed.

Please have a look at the link and let me know what is a miss.


Thank you

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Hi @mumash,

I checked your order form, you’ve enabled both PayPal App v2 and the PayPal Plugin apps on the same funnel… You can only use one PayPal app on each funnel :slight_smile:

Disable one of them… and the problem will be gone.

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Thank you for your response.

Please re check because I only have paypal app v2 enabled.

The credit card section is above the app segment.


Thanks for your help.

hmm I have no idea what’s happening on your page or what’s causing it, it’s usually caused when trying to use two Payment apps in one funnel…

@yassine look at this one!

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Awkward thing @mumash while I was on your funnel trying to figure out what’s causing the issue the page magically disappeared!

With this error:


So I assume you removed the page! Anyways feel free to let us know if still having that issue, will be glad to help you get things sorted out.

Hi guys, thanks for looking into this.

I have been able to isolate the problem to the products created on the funnel step. Im using bluesnap gateway. Once i remove the products the section seems to work well, but the products now show us dynamically updated. Any ideas on how to solve this…

Heres the link again


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Apparently It won’t work with bluesnap that way!

As bluesnap protects their input boxes with some weird scripts making styling it or improving it impossible!

Do you have some other gateway or perhaps can tweak blue snap settings to accommodate for that? making it behave more like stripe!

so I have been contact with the bluesnap team but unfortunately they cannot do anything from their end.

Would it be possible to tweak the settings from our side?


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Absolutely, interested in doing that for you :slight_smile:

In case you are interested, we can pause your account billing (for Funnelish Apps) and in return you provide us with Feedback and a dummy funnel with Bluesnap setup which we can test our apps on…

How that sounds @mumash?

Hi @samlee, thanks for your help.

How do we get this started…let me know what to provide…

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PM me your account email address :slight_smile: And will waive the plan for you, and please setup a test “dummy” funnel with bluesnap in it, and send me the link…

We will use that for testing, and we will let you know as we progress that way we get your feedback on how our apps work with bluesnap…etc