Order Notifications For Paypal/Zapier Intergration? - ClickFunnels

Hey guys, I recently started using Clickfunnels and I added Paypal checkout using Funnelish.
Normally when people order something with their creditcard, their order data goes straight into a google spreadsheet using Zapier intergration.

The thing is that it doesn’t add sales made through Paypal. I apparently got some sales without me even knowing. The was also no notification or anything that I got a sale.

So my real questions are:

  1. How can I integrate Funnelish (Paypal) orders with Zapier? Or just directly in a google spreadsheet?

  2. How do I make sure I get notified when somebody pays with Paypal?

Hope you guys can help me. :pleading_face:

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Yep you can do that very easily the same way you did with Credit Card orders without having to change anything, but you should first make sure that your PayPal sales are tracked in Clickfunnels correctly Are they?!

If your orders are not tracked in Clickfunnels then that’s the problem, if it does track the orders then, Re edit your Zap and make sure it pulls a test PayPal purchase and continue from there.

Keep in mind that PayPal purchases are tracked on the entire funnel, thus in your Zap you shouldn’t specify a Step from which to track the order and select all steps instead.

There is a nice PayPal mobile app for Andoird and iOS, Also by default PayPal should send you email notifications for each Sale, dispute, or other transactions… Just check under your account settings in PayPal.

Hope that helps :wink: