Order summary is not working on the order page


I’m using Fancify on my funnel but at the order page level the order summary and the total order is not updating the amount is always 0.

Could you please help me fix this

Same problem. Using FunnelishPay.

Order summary not being updated. First, I had matching clickfunnels products (attached to the order page)) and the summary was not being updated, but it showed just one product by default.

I removed the products from the CF order form to see what it would change, and how the order summary is always none/0.

I tried using Fancify and without Fancify. Same story. The screenshot attached is WITH Fancify app activeated.

So I re-created products in CF on the order-form level, and now the default product is value corresponds to the CF product and does NOT update when products are selected in the FunnelishPay.
The summary product name and value remains the same.

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Hi @Nefig,

Unfortunately, at this time Funnelish Pay does not support order summary, we do recommend that you remove the order summary element from your page, or wait until a future update release of Funnelish Pay that will support that feature :slight_smile:

Hope that helps answering your question and sorry for the late reply