Order Total is not shown on my order page / thank you page


I am using Fancify (Total Order enabled) and I also have the Fancy Credit Card enabled.

However, the order total is not shown in neither the order page or the thank you page.

I know how valuable having Paypal is for ecommerce, that’s why I really want to make this app work. But there seems to be other problems like (non dynamic thank you page) which will really piss off my customers.

If I get those 2 issues solved it would be amazing.

Thank you!

Ok I got the total order to work (enabled it on both funnel and app wide settings).

But now it is showing decimals : $122.78999999999999

Will look for a fix

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Ok so now I have the total order: $122.78999999999999 (below all of my items) I have absolutely no idea how it’s coming up with this value. None of my items are that amount.

Then I also have another Total which shows this: Total — . This is underneath the PayPal button.

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Ooh :open_mouth: that could be a bug on our side!

Or, could be that you are using the cf pro tools code for total summary and they interfere, no?!!

As far as I remember we’ve made sure to fix exact bug when total is calculated and it shows long trailing numbers! and capped it to two digits maximum…

PM me your order form link, and I’ll make sure to get it debugged.

For the Thank you page, really we’ve been waiting for Clickfunnels to do it! because they are the ones who should be able to report the items purchased correctly and assign any downloads as well.

And best thing to do now, is to just use a sample thank you page with no order confirmation element… at least for PayPal.

Thank you Samantha,

So what would be the best solution? To just send them emails through your paypal automation (on a product basis) and tell them to check their emails for an order confirmation?


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hmm… That is actually what we do at Funnelish, since it’s a digital product and in order to secure it we validate and send it through emails, and since we moved away from CF’s own automations per product towards our own we had much less support tickets asking “where are my login details” perhaps it’s faster! but we need time to validate that rule.

Also look at it from this prospective, asking people to open/interact with your first email will improve your deliver-ability, especially for important emails which are sort of guaranteed to have around 100% open rate…

Don’t hesitate to move your funnel sales from front-end funnel to the back-end it’s going to improve your customers LTV a lot…

Just checked the link you sent me @mfilev, and I believe the problem could be caused by our apps interfering with cf pro tools codes you got.

You know in Funnelish (since you already use Fancify) we got way better highlighter, tags, and so on?! which you can apply to any product and customize effortlessly! just use that and remove the extra scripts, that should solve your problem.


You can have similar looks if not even way better, it also makes all products very clickable (ie. your customers with chaky hands don’t have to point their mouse using to hands in order to hit that tiny selection point)…etc

Hey Sam,

It’s not working unfortunately.

I turned on Fancify and assigned it to the product I want, I removed the CF pro tools scripts and:

  1. fancify is not working

  2. total still isn’t working

Can you please have a look again.


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messaged you @mfilev, check your inbox and lets get that sorted out :wink:

I’m having the same problem.
I finished setting up my first test funnel and actually went through the whole process. Everything worked perfectly! But then the Thank You page didn’t update the order details dynamically…

Should I just write a generic message there saying thank you and to check their email inbox for order confirmation?

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Yeah they said there’s no way to update the TY page dynamically with the PayPal orders.

So that’s your best bet right now :slight_smile:


Hi Samantha,
It seems I have the exact same issue are you able to help with the fix?
I have already removed all CF Protools scripts from my funnel step.

  1. fancify is not working
  2. total is not working


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Hey @VJB,

I just checked the order form you sent me, I see the Fancify App working fine :slight_smile: but you didn’t set any highlighting for your products :slight_smile: try to set highlighting first…

As for the Total, I guess since your product prices are complicated it couldn’t calculate them properly, it’s certainly something we could work on for sure…

PS. try to use tags, with the highlighter there can give you way better looks :wink:

Hi @samlee,

I have set highlight for the products actually now I have set it up for all the products still no luck.

Also the product price should be pretty standard if the cost is calculated from the cost field rather than the display cost field of Click Funnels.

Please let me know the next steps.