Orderlytics Automation does not work


Once again me… hope my issue will be resolved here.
No responses at all by email again. Guys check your spam folder or something…

So back to my issue:
I’m trying to use the OrderLytics integration automation. I added the automation on all my products and matched them with the product on OrderLytics.

When a order comes in, the automation those not trigger a order in Orderlytics.
I already talked to Eric from OrderLytics and that’s what he said after he checked on OrderLytics site:

Can you please resolve this here and as fast as possible.

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Hello @viraldrop,

Just touching base on this issue was it fixed? our team told me it was fixed and you were contacted by email and I’m trying to confirm if everything is going great now :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Now the orders are shown in OrderLytics, but Funnelish overrides the product quantity with 1 even when i setup other quantity in OrderLytics Product.