OTO is showing on main Order Form

For PayPal Integration —

For some reason, my OTO is showing up on my main order form, when it shouldn’t show at all, since it’s a post-purchase item. It’s categorized correctly in the Funnelish App (OTO Page > Product).
It’s never done that before. Is it a temp. glitch? Thanks!

What you mean @naru?

Funnelish, doesn’t control which products are shown in which page! tho I still need some screenshot or more details to help you better

@yassine - I got it resolved, but I didn’t know how to delete the post or mark it as “resolved”…
Thank you!!

Nop dont’ delete your post :slight_smile:

Also you can share the solution that seemed to work for you for others, and mark it just as resolved :slight_smile: so others can benefit from it.