Paid Trial Products

Hello! I have a membership that is $10 a month for the first month, then $20 a month thereafter. I’ve used custom code in click funnels to set this up. Basically a script runs to Stripe’s API on the confirmation page and it creates the subscription.

In Funnelish, if I want the first month to be $10 and then ever month after to be $20, is this how my settings should be set up? Thanks!

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You almost nailed it, except that you mixed the trial with the actual billing… the trial amount is what comes after “Has a trial period?”.

You need to switch 20 and 10. The setup you have now means $20 for the first month (trial), then $10/mo forever.

And by the way, for Stripe I don’t think you need any custom code (plus it won’t be secure/safe I guess only), You can do that from your plan set up under products from your Stripe dashboard.

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Thank you so much yassine! I really appreciate the help. Have a great day!

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