Pay V2 Buy Now Button Not Functioning

Hi guys how you doing today? i just installed my paypal v2 and when ever i click on buy now with paypal, the order form just refreshes and refuses to go on to the next page. I used to use paypal v1 and that worked flawlessly but its not as smooth as V2. Please help! this is my link to the order form

Hi Favor! We’re doing good and we’re hoping the same with you!:smile:

I did a little checking on your form and it seems that you’ve set your Origin URL as http:// which isn’t secure, change it to https://. The reason why it isn’t proceeding with the order is because payments should be done securely since it involves logging into the customer’s PayPal account that has access to their finance (security purposes). Let us know how it goes.:blush:

Hi, thank you so much for replying, I checked the link and it has https, if I’m still wrong, how can I change the origin URL to the correct one, and also the normal Paypal Plugin works but not v2. What’s wrong?

Aside from the Origin URL, images should also be secure. All the links that your funnel use should be secure in order to proceed with the payment. Open the image on a different tab to check if it’s in https://. If not, change the source of your funnel image to a secure one.

Regarding PayPal plugin v2, we recommend that you switch to PayPal plugin v1. We believe that it’s a change in PayPal or a bug issue. We are actively working on a new app that will replace it. As for the time being, PayPal plugin v1 is the best to use and it also has more features compared to v2. someone please check our funnel, paypalv2 is still not working even after successfuly creating help…arggghhh