PayPal 2.0 Tutorial

Is there a tutorial anywhere showing how to set up PayPal 2.0 or is the same as PayPal V1? And at the moment, which one is better for selling digital products?

John Gibson

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Hi @kotakeio,

V1 and V2 are almost the same, but v2 requires you to setup a gateway following this tutorial: How To Create PayPal Gateway For PayPal App v2?.

For digital products, or subscriptions it’s highly recommended to use V1 it’s much easier to setup and use, and also supports subscriptions v2 doesn’t…

Hope that helps, let us know how it goes

Hi. In what way is app v2. better for ecommerce ?
Is the upsell pages faster and so on ? thanks.

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So for Ecommerce, usually multi-quantity or multi-checkout is needed and that’s what PayPal v2 offers the best.

Also as you mentioned PayPal App v2, has super fast “instant” upsell redirections so your customers will have better experience, and you don’t need to configure your PayPal account to get that like with PayPal v1.

It has also the capability to use multiple saved gateways, you can have sandbox gateways for testing, and real gateways for real transactions, and can switch your gateway instantly if needed.

PayPal v1, is much easier indeed when it comes to gateways, all you have to do is provide your business email and payments will get sent to it… but it has not test mode or advanced gateway setup.

The only downsides to PayPal V2 for now are:

  1. It doesn’t push your sales to Clickfunnels, due to the fact that Clickfunnels doesn’t support cart mode for PayPal sales.

  2. It doesn’t support subscriptions yet.

Other than that, PayPal v2 works great…