Paypal app doesnt work anymore


My paypal app stopped working for no reason, i lost of money because your app bugged (i havent touched funnel or an app for few months and it bugged on it’s own. It was working fine before) and I can’t fix it.

@samlee I sent you a link 5 days ago, can you please check it up? I need to sort it out till oct 29 since im doing a big launch.

Thank you!

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Hello @armin, sure thing… I’ll check the link and let you know what could’ve happened…

Though, for the time being all our funnels are functioning fine, and we didn’t release any updates this week so it’s hard to claim that it’s a bug from our end :slight_smile:

Alright, I checked it, I see that the Credit Card fields are not visible anymore which means that you have cloned/added a new Credit Card element to the page, which I suppose means the funnel was edited for sure :slight_smile:

Anyways, the problem as I see it from my end is that you have another Credit Card element that is hidden which should be deleted.

Other than the fact that hidden credit card elements break the PayPal apps, it also slows down your page load time tremendously, so remove it along any other hidden sections/rows that you are not using.

@samlee Why then it happened to all my different funnels at same time. I haven’t edited anything.

Just checked every funnel on my clickfunnels account and I couldn’t find even 1 duplicate of credit card field.

All of them look same: